General Range Information

The Fancy Creek Range complex is an outdoor shooting range designed to provide authorized access to a facility where users can become proficient with firearms, and to promote firearm education, safety, and recreation. 


History of the Range

  • Planning started in the early 1990s
  • Friends of Fancy Creek Range is a spinoff of Riley County Fish & Game Association
  • Range site was selected through cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism
  • Funding to construct the range came from monies generated by the Pittman-Robertson Act, a Federal tax on sporting goods including firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment 
  • The range opened in September 2002
  • Electricity was made available to the range by the Western Green Team in 2007


Use of Facilities
The range is open for shooting only on open range dates and special events as printed in the FCR annual brochure. The range can be closed due to inclement weather. Closings are posted on our social media accounts which would include Facebook and Instagram as well as the voicemail at (785) 293-5886.


Authorized and Prohibited Firearms and Ammunition

  • Live-Fire shooting is limited to the following equipment:
    Center fire rifles/pistols, rimfire rifles/pistols, muzzleloaders, and shotguns with single projectiles (slugs).
  • Tracer, incendiary, or armor- piercing ammunition are not permitted.
  • Fully automatic firearms, 50 cal BMG, and illegal firearms are not permitted.
  • Miniature cannons and or replica black powder cannons are not permitted.


Other Information

  • Eye and ear protection is required
  • Targets are available for purchase at the range or you may furnish your own paper targets


Daily Fee: $10 per shooter (Observers free)


Membership year: January – December

  • Charter Family Membership: $250 per year 
    • $150 toward the Building Fund 
    • No daily fee
  • Annual Family Membership: $100 per year 
    • No daily fee
  • Member: $50 per year plus $5 daily fee



  • Rifle Range
    -20 firing stations
    -Shooting available at 50 and 100 meters
  • 50 Meter Range
    -12 shooting stations
    -Shooting available 25 and 50 meters
  • Pistol Range 
    -9 shooting stations
    -Shooting available at 10 and 22 meters